What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Fan?

Are you still feeling the summer heat looming around? As much as we as homeowners love our air conditioning system, there are some other home cooling alternatives that can be far more beneficial. One of the biggest alternatives for home cooling is the use of a whole house fan. Below are some benefits for using a whole house fan:

  • They work quickly to cool off your home by pulling cool air in through open windows and pushing hot air out through the attic.
  • They are energy efficient, using significantly less than a traditional air conditioning unit.
  • Whole house fans are environmentally friendly, using little electricity and no refrigerants to cool your home.
  • They provide constant circulation of the air in your home, keeping it fresh and removing odors from cooking, pets, smoke and household cleaners.
  • If installed properly, they run quietly and last for years.


This is where QuietCool whole house fans excel in home energy savings. Equipped with high energy efficient motors, QuietCool whole house fans can save you up to 50-90% off all your A/C related costs. Backed by an incredible 15 year warranty and multi speed motors, most homeowners can see a huge return of investment in just 1-3 years.


With a QuietCool whole house fan, you can exchange the hot stuffy air in your home in just about 3-4 minutes. With this process you can immediately feel 5-10 ºF inside your home along with breathing healthier air.

Air Quality

Did you know that the air quality in your home is about 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside your home? This indoor air pollution is mostly unseen and can definitely impact your health. Indoor air pollution can be caused by numerous things like excessive moisture, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), combustion products, radon, pesticides, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria. QuietCool whole house fans were designed with exhausting indoor air pollution from your home in mind. Just having a whole house fan installed and using it throughout the evenings can completely exchange the air in your home helping you breathe cleaner and healthier air.


Instantly feel 5-10 ºF cooler than outside temperature

Energy Savings

Save up to 50-90% on Air Conditioning cooling costs


Complete air exchange in the home within 3-4 minutes

Living The Life In A Different Way

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