About Innovative Home Energy Solutions

Innovative Home Energy Solutions, Inc. is a “Green Energy” contractor that is fully committed to providing our growing customer base throughout Southern California the highest quality and knowledge of “Green Energy” products and services on the market today.

IHES, Inc. and the products we stand behind are continuously backed by organizations and programs such as the California Energy Commission and the Energy Upgrade California Program year after year. We are dedicated to bringing our expertise, products and services on any scale, into your home or business on a one on one basis.

Our personable team of fully licensed and insured Energy Consultants, Installation Professionals and Administrative Personnel are leading experts in residential and commercial “Green” knowledge and products and are passionate about our mission to “Save the Planet One Home at a Time”.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and ongoing education, research and training in “Green Energy” products of all kinds, IHES, Inc. is optimally positioned to help our customers obtain the most complete and quality “Green” products and services on the market today!

With our time-honored commitment to customer care, the Innovative Home Energy Solutions, Inc. team acts quickly to put your mind at ease and give you energy efficient options that are completely custom to meet your specific needs. We will work closely with you to give you a range of affordable, effective, up-to-date options for your home or business and educate you about “Green” products as we create your energy upgrade plan one on one.

Our comprehensive products and services will meet and exceed “Green” industry standards using energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and materials to save money and contribute to a healthier planet. At Innovative Home Energy Solutions, Inc. we never cut corners in our endeavor to give you the very best “Green” products and services that have proven benefits far beyond considerable money and energy savings, extending the life of your space, and a cleaner, healthier living and working environment.

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